At LA Page Makeup, we strive to get you and your bridal party ready in a timely fashion without compromising the beautiful details of the hair and makeup process.

At LA Page Makeup, we strive to get you and your wedding party ready in a timely fashion without compromising the beautiful details of the hair and makeup process.

This is why it’s so important to trust the pros when it comes to scheduling the timing for your wedding day. We’ve been receiving some inquiries lately of brides who want very specific timelines without knowing the details of what goes into ensuring there’s enough time for hair and makeup to be completed. This prompted me to create this blog post to go into a little more detail about why we schedule things the way we do!

First comes the trial. This is an appointment that’s done prior to your wedding day to ensure you absolutely love the hair and makeup we’ve done for you. It’s a time to try out different variations of a look to better envision your ideal wedding day look. We like to allot up to about 2.5 hours if you’re getting both hair and makeup done to allow enough time for changes, as well as time at the end for going over the contract. If you’re getting just hair or just makeup done, 1 to 1.5 hours should be plenty of time. Be aware that the amount of time we spend with you at the trial is often longer than it will take on the wedding day since we are talking through it and making changes. Consider checking out our blog post, “How To Come To A Bridal Trial | What To Know” for more information.

As far as the wedding day timing goes, we start by scheduling 15 minutes after we arrive for set up. Then we allot 45 minutes per person per service, with an additional 30 minutes at the end for touch ups and lip application. This can get a little confusing, so please defer to us when it comes to scheduling as we have to take into account how many people are getting makeup and hair done, as well as how many artists will be working on the wedding. To give you an example, if 6 people need hair and makeup, there will be 2 artists assigned to your wedding and we would allot 5 hours total for all services to be completed.

Please keep in mind, when we ask for your ready time, we are asking the time you need to be completely done with hair and makeup services, before you need to get dressed and on to your first look, photos, or ceremony. Once we have your ready time, we work backwards to figure out when we need to start the hair and makeup based on how many people are getting services done and how many artists are assigned to the wedding. Keep an open mind, as the early start time that is sometimes necessary can shock some wedding clients. Remember, we are there to get the job done right and provide an enjoyable, relaxed experience.

We pride ourselves on never running over time and sometimes even run ahead of schedule. We book more than enough time to allow for the unexpected to happen while remaining calm and organized. If we run ahead of schedule, you get more time to relax, eat, and prepare for the fun day ahead!

So please leave the complicated art of the wedding day hair and makeup timeline to us, you’re in great hands!

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