Find yourself working from home? Same here! I’ll admit, I’ve also had one too many days of never getting out of my pajamas, not brushing my hair, and working on my laptop while laying on the couch. But one thing that has helped me get out of that slump is putting on a little makeup! That’s right, not a lot – just a little. Enough to make me feel more awake, alive, and presentable. Let’s talk about what that involves!

Find yourself working from home? Same here! Here's some tips to create a makeup routine that works for you while you work from home!

Now that we’ve nailed our work from home skincare routine, it’s time to top it off with some makeup! When it comes to my work from home makeup routine, I often opt for the “simpler-the-better” mentality. This way, I’ll feel more put together while still feeling like I didn’t waste my best products or clog my pores for no one to see. This often looks like a 2-5 minute makeup routine.

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Here’s a breakdown of the most simple makeup look I tend to do when I want to look put together but only spend a couple minutes getting ready:

  1. Concealer: I opt for concealer with no foundation. This means I’ll have coverage where I need it (ie. acne, spots, dark circles, etc.) but my face won’t feel like it has an additional layer of makeup on. I like to think it lets my skin breathe more than when I use foundation in addition to the concealer.
  2. Powder: I only use a touch of powder to set the areas I used concealer so it doesn’t move throughout the day. You can also use a dusting on the face if you want a little added coverage or to reduce the chance of shiny areas throughout the day.
  3. Mascara: I’ll often leave my eyelids bare and just use mascara to accentuate the eye area. I’ve always said if there was only one product I could bring to a deserted island, it would be mascara because it lifts the eyes, making them appear more awake! Mascara truly makes a big difference, with or without other eye makeup.
  4. Blush: Since we used concealer, we’ll need to bring some color back into our face. This is where blush comes in! It’s totally personal preference what shade you use and how much you apply, so however you like, go for it! The general rule is to start at the apples of your cheeks and work upward towards your temple area. Just make sure to blend a little so it doesn’t look harsh.
  5. Eyebrows: I find this step super important to me because if I’m putting makeup on the rest of my face, something feels off if I don’t fill in my eyebrows, even just a little bit. They say eyebrows frame the face and they aren’t kidding! You can use pencil, powder, or whatever you prefer – just don’t forget to give them a little attention.
  6. Lipstick: This step really completes or transforms the look. You can use a bold red or pink color one day as a statement or you can opt for a nude color the next day so the whole look is more subtle. I love experimenting with how lipstick can change the look day to day, even if the rest of the look is the same day in and day out!

Remember this is a basic, step by step guide for a super simple, quick makeup look. Feel free to change up the order of how you apply things, the products you use, or even add more steps! It’s all up to you and that’s the true beauty of makeup.

Still have questions? Feel overwhelmed? Want hands on help? Check out our Virtual Makeup Lessons, where we teach you all about the basics of skincare and makeup so you can refresh your look while working from home!


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