If you’ve been following me on Instagram a while now, it’s no surprise I’m a BIG fan of The Makeup Light. The handy Key Light 2.0 is my go-to light source when it’s super early, super late, or a gloomy day and I need to make sure my clients are getting the best makeup application possible.

I also reach for the Key Light when working on lash lift and tint, brow lamination, brow waxing and brow tinting clients because it’s large enough to light the entire face and not get in the way while I’m working above the client.

The Makeup Light in action for client makeup sessions:

A makeup artist smiling while applying makeup on a client while using The Makeup Light.

I know what you’re wondering: why is The Makeup Light better than the rest?! 

The Makeup Light “brings sunshine indoors”, according to their website. The light is built with “96+ CRI (Color Rendering Index) with the full color spectrum of noon-day sunlight-no color is missing from this light!” In simple terms, this light doesn’t run too yellow or too blue, like some ring lights and other popular light sources can. This can lead to the makeup application not being as accurate, as now you’re applying foundation to a more yellow or blue looking face, rather than their true skin tone.

I love that you can use a stand, suction it to a mirror, or clip it to something like a table or some curtains. Depending on the set you choose, you can have several ways to hang The Makeup Light. This especially comes in handy when you don’t know where you’ll be able to set up. I can confirm that I have clipped these lights to curtains without them falling off (the clip feels heavy duty) and I’ve also set up the stand in several places.

I’m also a fan of the 2.0 Pro Master Bag. It fits not one, but two lights with all the fixings inside – cords, clips and suction cups. I prefer to take this with me when I’m working on location since it’s an easy bag to carry by hand or throw over your shoulder. Although I love using the stand to hold the light up when I’m in studio, it can be cumbersome to carry the stand bag and light bags separately.

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Check out a video I posted on my YouTube channel when I first unboxed these beauties:

Speaking of YouTube, did you know The Makeup Light can be the perfect light to use to film beautifully and evenly lit videos for your channel, course content, and other social media content? Check out the following video to learn all about how I created a clear, clean, and bright set up:

I started out with the Key Light 2.0 Starter Kit with Stand and ordered the Key Light 2.0 Master Kit a few years later, which includes two lights, cords, suction cups, clips, stands, and the 2.0 Pro/Master Stand Bag plus 2.0 Pro Master Bag. My preferred way of using the lights is by setting two up on the sides of me behind me so the client has even lighting on their face. The one light on its own works great, but the only downside is you do get the shadow of your body on your client’s face from time to time. I also have to stand in funny positions to take good pictures without a cast of shadow.

In summary, I have been using The Makeup Light as my primary light source for several years now. I prefer it for makeup applications, lash and brow services, filming online content like YouTube videos and when hosting online webinars and classes. It has yet to fail me and always works as expected with access to an outlet. I highly recommend you look into it if you’re in need of a reliable light source that won’t change the way you look.

Thinking of adding this revolutionary lighting to your makeup kit? Go to themakeuplight.com and use code LAPAGE to receive 15% off your order!

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A makeup artist smiling while applying makeup on a client while using The Makeup Light with text overlay for a blog post called, "The Best Light Source for Makeup Artists".

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