A common question we get is, “when should I schedule my bridal hair and makeup trial?” You have a few options and things to keep in mind to ensure you’re booking when it makes the most sense for you.

  • 12 months out: Some people prefer to have a trial preview before booking their bridal beauty team. If this is you, make sure you start the hunt for the perfect bridal beauty team early in your wedding planning process to allow enough time to have your trial and book your favorite artists. It’s standard companies will not reserve your date without a signed contract and retainer fee payment, so keep this in mind.
  • 6 months out: This is a good time to have your trial preview if you’ve already reserved your date with your artists and want to have enough time between your trial and wedding in the event you may want a second trial to try a different look or make any changes.
  • 3 months out: Somewhere around this timeframe is usually the most ideal. It not only keeps the look we work on fresher in mind since it’s closer to your wedding day, but with the right scheduling, this can also take place in the same season as your wedding. More on that below!

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Some things to keep in mind:

  • To enable the makeup artist to work with your skin the way it will likely be on the day of your wedding, try to schedule your trial either in the same month the year prior to your wedding or during the same season of your wedding. So if your wedding is in November, a September or October can be helpful. If your wedding is in August, a trial during June or July would work well. This helps to predict how oily or dry your skin may be, so we can help set you up with the right skincare regimen for you to help balance out your skin.
  • Book around other events – got your dress shopping or fitting coming up? This is a great time to book your hair and makeup trial to see how the complete look will look put together. Have your engagement photoshoot scheduled? Schedule your hair and makeup trial for the same date so you can see how your potential wedding day look comes out in professional photos!

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