I’ll often receive inquiries from people who are getting married 2-3 months from their wedding day. Although some wedding couples do get lucky and are able to book us if we happen to have their date available, some don’t get so lucky because of how far in advance in demand bridal makeup artists and hair stylists book their clients.

I like to tell to potential clients, whether they use our services or not, to make sure to book their hair and makeup services anywhere from 6 months to a full year in advance. Some artists book even farther out, 1-2 years ahead of time, but the average is roughly a year. If you wait until closer to your wedding date, you risk losing your dream makeup artist to another client.

UPDATE: It’s important to note ever since covid took over the world, wedding vendors are booking further out and faster than ever before! Make sure to book ALL your favorite wedding vendors a full 1-2 years in advance.

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Photography by Sabrina Scolari

Most wedding websites will advise that you look into hair and makeup services around the 3 month mark, but based on working in this industry long enough and building up a clientele of people who know exactly who they want to use for big events like this, this estimate is simply not accurate. Again, you may get lucky if you wait this long to book, but you may also have to settle for hair and makeup artists who don’t have the same style or methods you were looking for. This especially rings true if you are getting married during very popular times or holidays, such as Memorial Day, 4th of July, or Labor Day weekend.

To lock in your hair and makeup services, professionals will have you sign a contract or wedding agreement as well as pay a non-refundable retainer fee. By doing these, you are making sure your beauty team is devoting that date and time frame for you.

Please don’t hesitate to email us at with any questions about reserving your special day. We are an in-demand CT wedding hair and makeup company, so don’t wait if our style is apart of your vision to look and feel your absolute best!


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