After being married for a few years and working countless weddings before and after my own big day, I’ve put some thought into some things I would change if I were to get married today versus when I did. Although your wedding day is definitely something you will cherish forever, as time moves on and trends change, it’s hard not to think of how you would do it differently if you were to re-do your wedding in the present day!

A bride and groom walking away from the camera. The bride looks over her left shoulder to the camera and smiles as the groom looks at the bride while smiling.

Photography: Keeley Abigail Photography

Hire a live painter: I’ve seen this trend gain popularity thanks to platforms like TikTok, and for good reason! Now the most important part with this is hiring a solid painter. They all have different levels of experience and styles, so it’s vital you choose one that reflects your personal preferences. But if you do, it looks SO worth it! You get a truly one-of-a-kind piece of art to memorialize your most special day.

Have Missy (our dog) come down the aisle last to us: We hired a pet sitter who was SUPER helpful in making sure our dog was taken care of when we were [obviously] pre-occupied. We had her walk down with Missy first to “set the mood” and get everyone excited that the ceremony was starting. I don’t hate the way we did it, but I’ve since seen the cutest videos online of couples choosing to have their dog run towards them down the aisle last, which creates an adorable level of excitement and joy for priceless pictures and videos. And since we had a pet sitter and got married indoors, I would have been comfortable with this choice.

A black and white photo depicting a malshi dog standing up on her hind legs while walking down the aisle with a pet sitter at a wedding.

Photography: Keeley Abigail Photography

Put a little dog figurine on the bottom of the cake with a piece “bitten” out: Another adorable homage to our fur baby who plays a key part in our lives is putting a little figurine that looks like her at the bottom of the cake beside a small piece of cake that looks like it could have been bitten out by said figurine. I think this is such an adorable little detail that includes your fur baby in your big day, whether or not they’re apart of your ceremony!

Elope instead of have the big wedding: I’m willing to bet I’m not alone on this one. Listen, our wedding was super fun and if I had the opportunity to relive that day, I would in a heartbeat. However, now that I’ve had some time and distance, I can definitely see the appeal in eloping. Less overall stress of wedding planning, less making the day about everyone else and more making the two of you and your union the focus, most likely more affordable, and the opportunity to make it fully your own and go somewhere elaborate. This would also allow more time for photos of just the two of us, which in retrospect, I wish I had more of from our special day.

I’m sure there are other small changes I would want to make in the next few years too, so who knows? Maybe I’ll come back and update this post from time to time.

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