There’s often a debate on whether to use traditional makeup or airbrush foundation for your wedding day. Let’s discuss!

Traditional makeup means the products are applied with brushes or sponges while airbrush makeup is applied using a compressor and airbrush gun. I personally have only used an airbrush machine to apply foundation, so I can only speak on the differences between that and traditional foundation. However, you can apply most makeup with airbrush as well – blush, highlight, contour, eyeshadow, eyeliner. It’s impressive!

On your wedding day, the most important thing you want your makeup to do is last. For this reason, many professionals, including myself, recommend airbrush foundation. It can last up to 12-18 hours – this includes humidity, sweating, crying, dancing, and eating. Most formulas are sweat resistant and some are even water proof.

Airbrush foundation makes your skin look flawless without looking caked on or heavy. It can even be used to spot conceal a blemish by using the right technique. It also makes your skin look glowy without looking oily because it doesn’t dry completely matte, while still keeping oils at bay.

I use airbrush foundation that is simply pigment and water, therefore making it very friendly to use on many different people, including people with sensitive skin.

One con is how it can sit on more mature skin. Be wary of this option if you have a lot of fine lines and wrinkles, as if it sits more atop the skin and may accentuate these features.

There's often a debate over traditional vs. airbrush makeup for your wedding day. Let's discuss!

Traditional makeup is still a go-to product for some people and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. Some people have a holy grail foundation that they know works for them and therefore they don’t want to risk something else not “looking like them”. Other people don’t like the feeling of the airbrush blowing on their face – although others enjoy the cool breeze, especially on a hot summer day. The most important combination for applying traditional foundation well is using a solid technique with professional products, which your makeup artist should be trained in.

Whichever route you decide will work best for your wedding day makeup, my advice is to make sure you tell your makeup artist exactly what you do and don’t like, as well as be open to trying new things during your trial. You might be surprised how much you end up loving a new product or style of application!

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