In the day and age of a pandemic and everything getting converted to online sessions, I asked myself, “What service can I offer my clients that’s valuable but doesn’t put them at risk?” Aha, virtual makeup lessons!

Are you confused and overwhelmed by YouTube? Are you tired of bad advice from sales people just trying to sell you something? Then this course is for YOU!

This course is perfect for the makeup beginner or someone looking to revamp their products and look!

We are NOT part of a direct sales or multi-level marketing company. This is all about helping you to look and feel your best!

Welcome to Makeup Bag Makeover!

What can you expect from this class? Three core components:

  1. A Makeup Bag Overhaul: We’ll go through your personal makeup and brush collection to ensure you’re using the best products for you!
  2. Skincare Prep: This is the most important part to making sure your makeup goes on smoothly and looks flawless!
  3. Perfecting The Base: The application part of this course focuses on the face: everything we need to create a smooth, flawless base so you can add on more advanced techniques over time.

This 2 hour class is split into 2 sessions. The first 60 minute session is focused on going over your current makeup and skincare products, followed by introducing you to what products you should purchase to be ready to use for the second session.
The second 60 minute session is hands-on, focused on teaching you the best techniques for your unique features.

This 2 hour class is valued at $300 and can be yours for just $149!


Local to CT and looking for an in-person makeup lesson?