Last week’s post was about unsettling times and your wedding, and with all the changes that happened within a short 7 days, it seemed fitting for this week’s post to be about the coronavirus and our business. I promise next week’s blog post will be filled with wedding picture goodness, because I also agree that a sense of normalcy is important during this time!

This week we're discussing how the these unsettling times effect our small business and what you can do to help!

Earlier last week, the CT Department of Health strongly urged all beauty and bodywork business to close until further notice, given the nature of our businesses. I made the difficult decision to close the next day to protect the health and safety of my clients, my team, and myself. By the end of the week, it was mandated that all these businesses close, which means now we didn’t have a choice in the matter. As of tonight, March 23rd, the state of CT is closing all non-essential businesses until April 22nd, unless otherwise updated. This means our business will be closed until at least that date at this point.

Given this news, we have worked to get creative with supporting other small businesses and encouraging supporters and clients of ours to think outside the box if they would like to support us as well. Here are a few ideas:

  1. Update or write reviews: If you haven’t written a review for a service you received with us yet, we would love to hear it more than ever now! If you have written a review for us in the past and have come in for more services since then, now is the perfect time to update it to reflect your current experiences. Facebook, Google, and Yelp are great places to do this!
  2. Purchase a gift card: We conveniently sell gift cards online, right through this website! Purchasing a gift card helps us stay afloat during this uncertain time, which means helping pay for current bills within the business and even feed our family. Gift cards never expire and can be used on any future service!
  3. Take an online makeup class: I have been working on creating virtual versions of makeup lessons I already offer my clients. These lessons will be at a discounted rate, due to not being able to have direct hands on work done, and will be put together a little differently than current in person lessons. I’m very excited to be offering this as an option to anyone looking to clean up their makeup bag or enhance their current makeup routine!

Although the future of this pandemic is uncertain, one thing is not: my passion to keep this business going and serve my clients is unwavering. I intend to keep the focus on my clients and how I can better serve and help them during this difficult time. I am so eager to get back to work and see everyone in person again!

As always, stay safe and healthy!!

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