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Every now and then, we get a request that’s unique but oh-so-fun! That’s what happened with Ashely’s Trash The Dress photoshoot.

Ashely has held onto a wedding dress from a wedding that didn’t go through and has wanted to get rid of that baggage in a symbolic way for quite some time. When she mentioned the idea of trashing her dress in a fun photoshoot, how could we not want to be involved?

She is now happily, newly married to her boo and felt a weight come off her shoulders by participating in this photoshoot a month before her wedding! Check out the awesome results!!

Ashely braved the cold water on an Autumn day for her Trash The Dress photoshoot!

Look at the look of relief on her face as she starts to remove this baggage from her life with a trash the dress photoshoot!

Let's do this!

Might as well have one final strut in this dress before we completely trash it!

Looking back on what could have been, only to realize it isn't what should have been.

Feeling betrayed has to be the worst feeling in a relationship. No use holding onto this baggage any longer!

Time to shed the woes of this wedding dress one last time.

The past is the past for a reason - it's not meant to be in our future.

This is probably my favorite shot from Ashely's Trash The Dress photoshoot because of the look of determination on her face!

Goodbye past, my future is waiting.

After all that, I'm so happy to see her happy with her new husband. Everything happens for a reason and it was all meant to be!

Makeup: LA Page Makeup

Photography: Keeley Abigail Photography

Location: Harkness Memorial State Park

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