With summer in full effect, it’s time to talk about the top 5 summer beauty essentials that everyone should be using!

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1. Sunscreen: No matter your skin tone or ability to tan well, sunscreen is an absolute MUST. It’s important to get one that is at least 50 SPF with both UVA/UVB protection to prevent signs of early aging, sun spots, and health scares.

2. Oil Blotting Papers: Although these can be found at any drugstore for a super affordable price, they work pure magic when your skin gets greasy from oily skin or sweat. Simply pat a sheet or two across your face (especially the T-zone) and you’ll look as if you were never sweating!

3. Refreshing Spray: This can mean different things to different people – some enjoy makeup setting sprays, while others enjoy refreshing skincare mists. Whichever you prefer, make sure to have one on hand on super humid days. This step will come in especially handy after blotting your face, referenced in #2.

4. Waterproof Mascara: This is super important if you’re going to fight off flaking and melting black dots and lines slowly going down your face throughout sweating, crying, and sudden summer rain storms.

5. Hair Tie: Who doesn’t have a hair tie constantly wrapped around their wrist? Even if you’re a person who prefers to keep one in their car, purse, or otherwise, make sure to have one or two handy. If you have long hair, you know exactly why it’s important to have the option to put your hair up in the hot summer months.

With summer in full effect, it's time to talk about the top 5 summer beauty essentials that everyone should be using to avoid unnecessary melting!

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