Tips To Make Your Makeup Last This Summer!

Do you feel like your makeup melts off in 5 minutes when the summer heat and humidity strike? Fear not! Here are some quick tips to make your makeup last this summer!

  • Primer: Makeup primer is a must have to create a smooth canvas for makeup application but it has an added benefit: it ensures your makeup lasts longer throughout the day! Go for one that is mattifying if you have oily skin or sweat a lot.
  • Translucent Powder: You super dry skinned babes are going to want to skip this step. Otherwise, make sure you are setting any liquid or cream products with a powder to make sure it stays put. I suggest translucent so you are not caking layers of makeup on when it’s already hot. It looks like nothing but adds a layer of security. But do some research if you’ll be taking pictures and choose one that doesn’t create flashback.
  • Setting Spray: Just like primer is the very first step to making your makeup last, setting spray is the very last step to ensuring longevity. Go for one that has claims of lasting 12-24 hours and don’t skimp on price. If you have to choose between primer and setting spray, I suggest setting spray every time – that’s how good it is!

Now go out there and conquer this summer with confidence!

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