Let’s talk about how to make sure you’re setting realistic expectations for your bridal hair and makeup trial to avoid any potential frustrations.

A bridal hair and makeup trial is always recommended for a few important reasons. Some reasons include:

  1. Getting to know your artists. It’s important both you vibe well with the makeup artist and hair stylist. You’ll want to enjoy their company on the big day!
  2. Trying a look you’ve never worn before. If you aren’t big into wearing makeup or having your hair done a certain way, the bridal trial is a good time to see if you’ll like it ahead of your wedding day. For example, this is a great time to try fake eyelashes if you’ve never worn them before!
  3. Your artists can get to know your skin type and hair type. It’s important your artists can feel your skin and hair and get the chance to work with it ahead of the wedding day so you know what can or can’t be accomplished for you personally.

One of the biggest takeaways I want you to take from this post is about setting realistic expectations for your bridal trial. It is important to remember that a trial preview does not always mean perfection. Most times, it means your artist working with the knowledge you give them about your skin, hair, and desired look, then tweaking things after the fact. Go into you trial expecting a great look, but be open minded: you may need to communicate with your artist after the fact on a few things you would like changed for the wedding day. We always encourage you to wear the look throughout the day, see how it wears, look at it in different lights, and take pictures so you can get the full effect of the look. If it turns out you don’t like something you thought you did, you want more or less product in a certain area, or you’re thinking you want you hair completely up when it was half up/half down for the trial, these are all things we can work with! It is vital you give your artists a chance to get your dream look to 100% after the trial is done.

Sometimes this means coming in for a second trial. If what you’re looking for is completely different than what was communicated and done during the first trial, it may be a good option to have second trial so you can compare the two looks. Keep in mind, this does mean paying for a second trial. You should not expect a free second trial when you change your mind about a look, as you are using the artist’s time and product again.

Your hair will be smoother and more perfected on the wedding day. Although we aim to give you exactly the look to expect on the wedding day during the trial, hair can be finnicky. We often play with your hair in a few variations to make sure you like the final product, but this can mean your hair starts to fuss and become a little extra frizzy. It’s important to keep in mind that on the wedding day, we know what look we’re doing from the start, so it’s a lot easier to ensure the frizz stays at bay. We also use more hair products like extra hair spray on the wedding day to make sure it’s locked into place, whereas during the trial, we use a bit less since we’re playing with it and needing to shift it easier.

It’s also worth noting: if your makeup is done after your hair during the trial, the makeup artist may rest their hand on your hair and create a little frizz in the front or have to push the hair out of your face while working. On the wedding day, we allot extra time at the end of the getting ready time for touch ups for both hair and makeup. This way, you can head back to the hair stylist after makeup is done to smooth anything out at the last minute.

Keep in mind, every look will not work on every client. Another vital reason for having a bridal trial preview is because every look will not work on every client. Some examples include:

  • If you have dark brunette hair and come in with a platinum blonde hair inspiration picture, your hair will look different than in the inspiration picture.
  • If you tend to get super oily or super sweaty, makeup will sit and wear differently on your skin, even with good skin prep by the makeup artist.
  • If you have thin hair, short hair, or damaged hair, you may be limited with hair styles that can be done, especially if you are not looking to use hair extensions.
  • If you tend to touch your face frequently, even the best makeup products and strategies can start to wear off.

Lastly, remember to look at inspiration pictures with a grain of salt. It happens with both hair and makeup: many times, they are edited and set unrealistic expectations as to how we can look. For example, it is impossible to look completely poreless. The way photos are edited can make things like shimmer eyeshadow look 10x more intense than it does in real life. And often times with hair inspo pics, hair extensions were used to provide extra volume.

Now that we’ve gone over what you can expect from a bridal trial, it’s time to talk about how to prepare for your bridal trial!

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