Jessica shows off her sexy, tattooed appearance in a special boudoir photoshoot as wedding gift for her hubby-to-be. Check out this tattoo boudoir session!

Jessica wanted to do something special for her fiancé, so she chose to show her sexy confidence in a boudoir photoshoot! I always loved the idea of these as a wedding gift, whether it be in an album, wall artwork, etc.

I absolutely love how tasteful La Femme Boudoir is with these photoshoots. Take a peek at the magic that was created!

This moody boudoir photo where Jessica's eyes pierce right through you is giving us sexy vibes!

The hair and makeup for this boudoir photoshoot was simple and sexy!

Got tattoos? Show them off with a sexy boudoir photoshoot!

Nothing says sexy like an epic back tattoo during your boudoir photoshoot!

Peek-a-boo! Everything about this screams sexy!

The hair and makeup for this boudoir photoshoot was simple glam. It's all about bringing out her natural beauty and letting her inner confidence shine through!

These poses are always good for a boudoir photoshoot.

Sweet and sexy at the same time - the perfect combination.

Makeup: LA Page Makeup

Photography: La Femme Boudoir


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