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  • Do I Really Need a Bridal Trial?

    Every once in a while, I get the question, “Do I really need a bridal trial?” The answer is a resounding YES! Here’s a few reasons why. Meet Your Beauty Vendors: Most times, this is when we first meet each other in person. Lots of the booking process is typically done via email and over […]

  • Micro-Wedding & Elopement Hair and Makeup Services

    As the popular phrase goes, “the show must go on!” Are you still getting married in the form of a micro-wedding or elopement this summer? We understand the financial and emotional toll this has taken on everyone already stressed enough with wedding planning. That’s why we created packages for those looking for bride only makeup […]

  • Natural Makeup Mastery Course

    Are you struggling with your everyday makeup routine? Overwhelmed by countless YouTube videos, too many trends to keep up with, and not enough time to put makeup on for hours to practice? Does it take you a long time to put on your face every morning? It doesn’t have to! Introducing the Natural Makeup Mastery […]