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  • How Makeup and Texture Co-Exist

    With the increase of filters, the smoothing tool, and AI, we’re seeing a significant change in the expectation of how makeup should look on naturally textured skin. Textured skin by definition is not bad, it’s just a regular part of life. Texture includes things like wrinkles, fine lines, pores, acne bumps and scars, and dryness. […]

  • Rustic Salem Herb Farm Wedding in Salem, CT

    We first met Morgan back in 2019 when she was in her sister Taylor’s wedding. She knew from that day on that she would be back to work with us when it was finally her time to plan her wedding and she kept her promise! She booked us in January 2022 for her August 2023 […]

  • 10 Things I Love About Being A Makeup Artist

    I’ve been a professional makeup artist since 2010, which means I’ve had some time to reflect on my favorite parts about the hobby turned profession turned full time career. Creativity: Makeup is truly an art. Even when I need to create the more “subtle” and “natural” looks, they still require a level of creativity to […]