I have written about the importance of skincare in the past, like Top 5 Summer Beauty Essentials and The Importance of Exfoliating. When I write about skincare, the purpose is to educate you on how to take better care of your skin so it’ll look and feel great with or without makeup!

When it comes to proper skincare for winter, it’s all about making sure your skin gets enough hydration to combat the cold, dry weather. Here’s some tips and tricks to make sure your skin stays happy all winter long!

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1. Switch Out Your Foaming Cleanser For A Creamy Cleanser

Stronger cleansers can strip your skin of its natural oils easier, so switching to a creamy cleanser is more gentle while giving you the moisture you need. It’s also a good idea to take your makeup off with an oil based remover, if you’re particularly dry and don’t have limitations to using oil based products, such as lash extensions. My favorite oil-based cleanser is the Sonia Roselli Japanese Cleansing Oil.

2. Switch Out Your Physical Exfoliant For A Chemical Exfoliant

For more information on this topic, check out The Importance of Exfoliating.

3. Add A Serum

Serums are good for a lot of things, including anti-aging benefits and making your skin super supple. Serums are thinner in consistency but contain a potent amount of ingredients, making this the perfect layer of moisture to go under your moisturizer. This give your skin a 1-2 punch, packed with moisturizing benefits that will last all day or night. Did I mention moisture enough?! Don’t skip out on the Sonia Roselli Water Oil for this step!

4. Switch Out Your Moisturizer

Make the switch from a lightweight daily moisturizer to a heavier cream. If you don’t want the heavy, sticky feeling during the day, I suggest just switching out your night moisturizer to a heavy cream to boost your overnight healing benefits. I personally do this since I’m not super dry all year round. One of my all-time favorite moisturizers and a key product in my professional kit is the Embryolisse Lait Creme Concentrate. Your dry skin will thank you!

5. Add An Eye Cream

Similar to serums, eye creams have added benefits and are specially formulated to work with your delicate, thin skin around your eyes. For maximum benefits, gently tap the eye cream into the skin under, around, and on top of the eyelids. Check out the Lancome Rénergie Lift Multi-Action Lifting And Firming Anti-Aging Eye Cream for extra hydration and firmness. I love how a little goes a long way with this product!

6. Use Lip Balm

If you’re not using lip balm on the daily all year round, start! I personally have gotten in the habit of applying lip balm every single night as I go to bed, which works for me since I’m not eating and drinking the product away during the night, and I’m maximizing my overnight rejuvenation with some moisturized lips. This is especially important during the winter, as chapped lips are easier to obtain and can become painful and crack if not kept up with! Fun fact: I actually sell my favorite lip balm in my online shop!

7. Utilize Your Skincare Everyday

On the daily, but especially in the winter, it’s super important to utilize these skincare tips twice a day, every single day. In particular: cleaning, toning, and moisturizing. Exfoliating should only be done 1-2 times weekly.

In conclusion, the name of the game during winter is to up your hydration, both inside and out, to prevent dry, cracked skin. So start drinking more water and upping your overall moisturizing game and you’ll be just fine.

Once you’ve nailed your skincare for winter, it’s already time to transition your skincare for spring! We got you covered.


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