Every year for the past few years I’ve written a blog post dedicated to the topic of Valentine’s Day since it’s the lover’s holiday and I work with lovers all the time being in the wedding industry.

Looking for ways to treat yourself this Valentine’s Day? Here’s a few ideas to give yourself a little extra self care this year.

  1. Schedule a massage: Is there anything better than a therapeutic or deep tissue massage to loosen up those tense winter muscles?! Treat yourself!!
  2. Spa night at home: Draw a lush bubble bath with your favorite bath bomb, candles, soft music, and a good book. Spend a little extra time on your skincare routine by exfoliating or adding a face mask.
  3. Dinner, chocolates, & a movie for 1: Whether you are in a relationship or not, learning to love spending time with yourself is such an asset! It’s a great way to reduce stress and be fully focused on what you’re doing. A bonus? You can eat ALL the popcorn. 😉

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