It’s that time of year again: time for my annual reflection post! I love doing these because it’s like creating a time capsule of where I was and all that was accomplished and overcome during another year in business. This year marked 12 years as a makeup artist and 6 years since I went full time and specialized in bridal. We were apart of the record-breaking year of weddings after the pandemic forced a lot of people to reschedule into 2021 and 2022. This year also had some of my biggest personal and professional accomplishments to date!

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Our team completed 95 weddings this year. This is a record for LA Page Makeup. Last year we completed 82 weddings and this year I had a goal of 100 weddings and kept that in mind all year. The fact that we ended up only 5 away from that goal blows my mind. This year didn’t come without challenges. Covid has still been a very real threat and our artists became exposed or ill from time to time. Add that to the fact that life still happens and every now and then an emergency or other illness comes up and it led to us having to swap out artists last minute a couple times. I want to thank every wedding client who was understanding and trusting of us during these times. It means more than you know during a year when small businesses continued to be truly tested after an already tough couple of years.

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I moved to my first commercial space. This has been a work in progress for years and it was amazing to witness it happen this year. On February 1, 2022, my first lease at my very first official studio space started and it’s been a wonderful whirlwind ever since! I actually did a whole blog post on the process if you’re interested in how it went down. The space has been so beneficial and exciting to watch transform throughout the year. We have been able to have 3-4 bridal trials and hair/makeup appointments take place at the same time since we have the space and different stations (which we didn’t have before and had to be exclusively 1-on-1) and it’s been fun to change things, like add a comfy couch, tweak the retail area, and decorate my first studio Christmas tree. I’ll be here for at least another year and can’t wait to see where it continues to take me!

My husband and I bought our forever home. Somehow the stars aligned at the beginning of this year and I was able to find my studio space and our forever home right around the same time. Since I had an in-home studio for the 5.5 years we lived at the condo, I knew once we moved it was time to have a studio space separate from our home. I had been trying to get a studio space since before the pandemic shut us down and we originally were going to wait until 2023 to buy a house, but the way everything lined up showed us we were meant to dive in head first now! It’s been an incredible year in our new home and I’m especially enjoying the holiday season decorating a new space. We can’t wait to grow our family and memories here!

We surpassed 100 reviews on The Knot: It absolutely blows my mind that we have several hundred 5 star reviews across all platforms: The Knot, Wedding Wire, Zola, Facebook, Google, Yelp, etc. but this one was especially exciting since the biggest part of the business is weddings! Something about the fact that 100+ real wedding clients had such a phenomenal experience that led them to shout it from the rooftops is extremely exciting and humbling. Trust me when I say we feel equally as thrilled to have been apart of your special day!

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We Won The Knot Hall of Fame Award: To top off the excitement from The Knot, we found out we won the Hall of Fame award this year! This award is given to those who win the Best of Weddings award four years in a row. This wouldn’t have been possible without the amazing people who reviewed us year after year on The Knot as talked about above. I can’t say it enough: thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!! <3

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