The past two years, I have done a “Reflecting On *insert year here*” blog post to reflect and wrap up the current year in business. I’m excited to be making it a tradition with this third installment!

I went from a one-woman show to a team of 9 people.

One of the most exciting things that happened this year was starting the year as a one-woman show and ending it with a team of 8 people plus myself. It started out as partnering with a hair stylist since she only did hair and I only did makeup and we wanted to offer our services together to make our brides’ lives easier. Then all of a sudden inquiries and bookings exploded and it was necessary to grow a team to accommodate everyone! You can find more out about our talented team of makeup artists and hair stylists on our about page. I’m so proud of the work these ladies have done throughout the year and can’t wait to continue growing alongside them next year!

I went from a one-woman show to a team of 9 people. | LA Page Makeup

I got married.

Yep, that’s right! Always the makeup artist was finally the bride! I got engaged to my wonderful husband (still getting used to saying that word!) on January 6, 2019 and we wed on December 15, 2019 which was our 5 year anniversary. It was the absolute best day of my life so far! We had the best vendors and I can’t wait to tell you more about it in an upcoming blog post. Stay tuned! 🙂

I got married. | LA Page Makeup

We booked 5x the amount of weddings that we booked the year prior.

This number still astonishes me and I am deeply humbled by the fact that so many brides chose LA Page Makeup for their makeup and/or hair services for the most important day of their life. I plan to book even more weddings than this year in 2020, and by the look at the contracts we already have, I’m confident that will happen! I can’t wait to service more beautiful brides and do my part in making their dreams come true!

We booked 5x the amount of weddings that we booked the year prior. | LA Page Makeup

I networked – even more.

I seem to talk about networking every year and how I increased it overall, but it’s true! I’m always so excited to be apart of new groups and meet new people. This year, I cultivated deeper relationships with people from wedding planners to other makeup artists. You’d be surprised how much these relationships can impact your life, both personally and professionally!

I networked - even more. | LA Page Makeup

I got my business finances in check.

In September of 2018, I started working with a business financial coach after having a lot of luck with my husband and I’s financial wellness coach on the personal side of our finances. It took a few months to get in the swing of things, but I’m so happy with the clarity I achieved this year by working with my coach. I not only have an incredibly clear picture of where all the income and expenses are going, but I have learned how to track it better, make better financial goals, and overall be smarter with money. It’s a whole other monster to deal with business income compared to personal income, but it’s absolutely necessary and has really set me up for a successful 2020!

I got my business finances in check. | LA Page Makeup

Thank you once again for trusting LA Page Makeup with your beauty services. It means more to me than words can say and I hope to continue serving you all well into 2020 and beyond!

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