We moved!! To say I’m excited is an understatement. Let’s go on a little journey together…⬇️

I’ve been doing makeup since 2010 when I still lived with my parents, worked countless part time jobs, and went to college. I would travel to every single client. It got cumbersome. Then I met this great guy named Shadell, we fell in love, and the next thing you know we bought a condo together in 2016. It was the perfect transition because I was just going full time with makeup and really wanted a space to start taking clients. I’ve worked out of that space the past 5 1/2 years now. And although it’s served me well, I outgrew it a while ago.


Fast forward to 2019. I started a wedding hair and makeup team after being a one-woman show for 9 years. This is the year everything started to really blow up and shift for me. At the beginning of 2020, I was THIS 🤏 close to signing a lease on another studio space. I truly loved it. But I would have had to pay for a lot of plumbing work, change the carpets to hard floors, and then…ya know…a global pandemic happened. 😳 I count my lucky stars I didn’t sign that lease and get stuck with rent for all those months we couldn’t work.

So the waiting game started again. This is when I really started to become more patient and just let the right place come at the right time. And wouldn’t you know it – upon talking with a real estate agent friend of mine, he added me to the MLS and this was the only space that looked even remotely appealing. (Let me tell you, there’s a lot of overpriced junk out there 🙃).

I saw the space at the end of December and immediately felt this was it. Fast forward mid-January when I met with the landlord and it all just clicked. This finally felt in alignment. She’s amazing, the space is the size I wanted, in a great location, and only 15 minutes away from where I am currently to keep it easy peasy for my team and existing clientele.

The move didn’t happen without hiccups. With my lease scheduled to start on February 1st, the landlord was cool with me moving stuff in a few days early so we could get right to work. Originally I had scheduled a u-haul and planned to move in on January 30th. But then a massive blizzard threat happened. We had to move a wedding we were working originally on January 29th to January 30th. I acted quickly, rescheduling the u-haul, texting a friend who was helping us and so graciously also moved his schedule, and we were ready to rock.

We ended up picking up the u-haul the morning of January 28th, parked it at our condo, and waited until after 5 when my husband and his friend were available to start putting stuff into it. We packed that thing FULL! I had been busy ordering a bunch of things like the desk, retail area bookcase, mirror, and more to assemble once we got into the studio. So I had old things I was bringing, such as the spa bed and hair/makeup stations, along with new things still in boxes.

We moved as quickly as possible because u-haul was putting the pressure on to return their van earlier than closing since they were preparing for the impending storm the next day. Luckily, we returned it with enough time and headed back to the studio to start assembling stuff for a couple hours. We drove home as snow started to fall.

I then headed to the studio right after our Sunday wedding to work on assembling, cleaning, and organizing stuff. Working as a team, my husband and I did this Friday, Sunday, and Monday night until about 10pm to make sure I was ready to rock by Wednesday. It all came together so beautifully after a lot of work!


This move is a super exciting, huge step in my overall career. I’ve been hard at work for 11 years making my dream of being a full time makeup artist and beauty team lead a reality. I’ve made countless sacrifices, including missing out on family and friend’s birthdays, graduations, etc. Although the in-home studio was a great first step, I feel this studio space is the next real step into my beauty business being taken seriously. It’s in a more professional setting, there’s room to grow, and I no longer have to move everything in the room around between each client. It’s a surreal dream come true.

We now have a reception area, retail area, waiting area, 3 stations for hair and makeup, a brow and lash service area, and private bathroom.

I’m going from 100 square feet to FIVE TIMES BIGGER at 500 square feet and I couldn’t be more thrilled to share this special space with you all. As of February 1, 2022, she’s mine, and I can’t wait to welcome you in. 💗

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