Jenny and Keri-Lynn have a love so many aspire to have. The way they love each other is infectious. In the short time we spent getting them makeup-ready for their wedding, it was easy to see. We asked if they wanted to get ready in separate rooms so they didn’t see each other before the wedding, but they preferred getting ready at the same time beside one another instead. Throughout this process, they held hands, laughed, anticipated what the ceremony would be like, and dreamt of their future together. It was truly the sweetest thing to witness.

As you’ll see in the photos, they are a fun-loving couple who enjoyed taking non-traditional photos and sharing lots of love and laughter throughout their wedding day. Let this be an inspiration to you to never settle for less than you deserve!

Makeup: LA Page Makeup

Photographer: Jess Lance Photo

Cake: Craftbird Food Truck

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