Times are changing and so are we! At LA Page Makeup, we have been working hard to implement new standards and practices to ensure the safety of our clients and artists during this tumultuous time. It’s completely normal to be more anxious than usual. Here’s a breakdown of what our makeup artists are doing to keep you safe without sacrificing results of the makeup application.

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  • We use all purpose cleaner followed by EPA registered disinfectant spray or wipes in between clients to wipe down every item touched during the previous application, surfaces, chairs, etc.
  • The artist is wearing a face mask and face shield.
  • The artist is scraping powder products and/or using cosmetic cleaning spray specifically formulated to combat bacteria and viruses on powder products. The artist may also use 70% isopropyl alcohol.
  • The artist always carries an abundance of disposables, such as mascara wands, lip wands, cotton swabs, etc. to avoid cross contamination.
  • The artist scrapes out products such as gels, liquids, and creams onto a sanitized, stainless steel palette to work off of.
  • The artist washes their hands in between every client as well as has hand sanitizer accessible at all times for both the artist and client to use as necessary.
  • The artist carries multiple sets of makeup brushes, enabling each client to have their own set of clean, disinfected makeup brushes used on them without the fear of cross contamination.
  • Please note, temperatures may be taken of the artists and/or clients as well as a COVID-19 waiver may be required to be signed by the client prior to their makeup application.

The biggest question has been, “How are you completing the makeup application during phase 2?” It’s a totally legitimate question, as we have been following the current guidelines outlined by the state that our clients must be wearing a mask while we are working on them. Given this situation, our clients are wearing a face mask while we work on them for the upper half of their face, then we instruct them step by step how to complete the lower half of their face while we step back at least six feet. Keep in mind, our PPE does not get removed during this time, so the client is completely safe. Look at it as a bonus – you get a professional makeup application on arguably the most difficult part of the face (eyes/brows), then you get a makeup lesson on how to do the rest of your foundation, blush, highlight/contour, and lips! We have been working with our wedding clients to ensure your face looks complete and cohesive, despite the difference in application. We are also completely open to instructing you via a zoom call ahead of the wedding, if that would make you more comfortable!

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Professional makeup artists have gone to school, studied continuing education, and been thoroughly trained in how to work in a sanitary fashion. We use safe practices all the time, we have just stepped it up a notch to fit the extra needs of the current times!

I hope this helps clarify any confusion and makes you feel more comfortable knowing you’re in the best care!


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