Do you have a photoshoot coming up? This can be an engagement session, styled photoshoot, branding photoshoot, and more! Whatever photoshoot you have coming up, it’s important to prepare to make sure you’re getting the best photos possible. This is going to become a series of blog posts, so first up, let’s talk beauty!

How To Prepare for a Photoshoot: Beauty Edition

As obvious as some of these things may sound, they may slip your mind when you’re running in five directions making sure you have everything planned and ready for your photoshoot. Don’t forget the essentials when it comes to prepping for the beauty portion of your photoshoot:

Exfoliate: make sure to do this a couple days before the photoshoot to ensure the makeup goes on super smooth.

Drink Water: this will make your skin have a natural radiance, as well as plump it up and make it smoother for makeup application.

Clean Face: come with NO makeup on your face. A clean face makes it easier and quicker to begin makeup application, as well as no chance of “racoon eyes”!

Clean, Dry Hair: it’s best to get your hair styled with day-old, dry hair, unless you’re getting a blowout. Then wet is fine!

Inspiration Pictures: these are never mandatory, as professionals know the right questions to ask to ensure you’re getting your desired hair and makeup look. However, you’re welcome to bring inspiration pictures if that gives you piece of mind and helps you better envision how the photos will look!

Sleep: make sure to get a good night’s sleep the night before to reduce dark under eyes and puffiness. The bonus is you’ll have enough energy to be energetic and excited during your photoshoot!

What’s the next thing you’d like to learn about when it comes to preparing for a photoshoot? Leave a comment and you just might be mentioned!

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