A common misconception is thinking you are responsible for taking on the task of planning your wedding day schedule, starting off with the hair and makeup portion. Making sure we time things correctly is vital to ensure the day runs smoothly and this is especially important since we are the first wedding vendors to work with you on your wedding day and directly impact other wedding vendors staying on time as well, such as your photographer.

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  1. The first step is asking what time you need to be “ready” – this means what time your hair and makeup needs to be completed, before getting dressed, before group photos or a first look, and before your ceremony. Once we have this information, we can start working backwards from there to make sure we’re scheduling adequate time for your hair and makeup team to complete the services.
  2. We start by arriving roughly 15 minutes before services need to start to park, find your group, and set up our kits. We then allot 45 minutes per person per service plus 15-30 minutes at the end for touch ups. For example, 6 hair and makeup services with 1 hair stylist and 1 makeup artist requires 5 hours of getting ready time whereas 4 hair and makeup services with 1 hair stylist and 1 makeup artist required 3.5 hours of getting ready time.
  3. Make sure your getting ready location gives adequate time for hair and makeup services. A lot of wedding venues only allow you to be on the property or in the bridal suite 1-2 hours before the ceremony starts, which isn’t enough time to do several people’s hair and makeup services. If this is your venue, we recommend getting ready at a home, hotel, or air bnb nearby. Additionally, if you venue allows something like “5 hours of time before the ceremony”, this may sound like a lot of time, but may not be enough when you need to account for hair and makeup, getting dressed, a first look, group photos, and preparing for the ceremony.
  4. We recommend leaving an hour of time in between your hair and makeup ready time and either when your first look or ceremony starts, assuming you are at or close by to your first look or ceremony site. If there is additional travel time needed, more time may be needed.
  5. Remember that an early start time may be necessary depending on the different variables – your first look or ceremony start time, your bridal party size, and the distance between your getting ready location and first look or ceremony site.

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All this to say, leave the scheduling to us! We’ll make sure you enjoy a relaxing morning getting glam surrounded by your favorite people.

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