With the increase of filters, the smoothing tool, and AI, we’re seeing a significant change in the expectation of how makeup should look on naturally textured skin. Textured skin by definition is not bad, it’s just a regular part of life.

Texture includes things like wrinkles, fine lines, pores, acne bumps and scars, and dryness. We always like to say “makeup sits as well as the skin is”, and this doesn’t just pertain to mature skin. Even 25 year olds who have acne scars and super dry skin can feel the effects when makeup is applied over top of them.

In general, we like to keep things lighter on more mature skin, so it naturally enhances you instead of adding to the textured areas you likely want to minimize. But it’s important to keep in mind that any amount of makeup will likely accentuate texture in some way. As always, it’s important to communicate with your makeup artist if you feel the texture has been accentuated too much so we can work to find a happy medium together.

Make sure to stay hydrated and keep up with hydrating skincare routine to ensure the best results whenever you get your makeup done!

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