I decided to start a new series on the blog called “My Top 3”. In this series, I will be covering my top 3 choices for everything bridal and makeup related. Today’s topic is about my top 3 engagement ring choices.

This series is based on personal preference. If your opinions differ from the ones in this post, that is totally fine!

My favorite ring styles are all classic. I enjoy a ring that is timeless and elegant.

1) Round Solitaire Engagement Ring (Image: Tiffany & Co. Tiffany Novo)

Tiffany & Co. Round Solitaire Engagement Ring

Image: Tiffany & Co.

This is my favorite engagement ring because it’s a classic round solitaire with a little bit of extra sparkle and shine. This particular ring only has the small diamonds going half way around the ring, although there is a style that offers small diamonds going the entire circumference of the ring, if that’s what you prefer.

2) Heart Shape Engagement Ring

Tiffany & Co. Heart Shape Engagement Ring

Image: Tiffany & Co.

The heart solitaire engagement ring is an adorable variation of the classic round solitaire ring. It represents true love in a simple, yet elegant way.

3) Round Brilliant Three Stone Engagement Ring

Tiffany & Co. Round Brilliant Three Stone Engagement Ring

Image: Tiffany & Co.

Last, but not least, the three stone engagement ring is another classic with a much more elegant feel. The bigger the diamonds on this style engagement ring, the flashier it will be – and I’m not saying that’s a bad thing! 😉


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