I’ve been a professional makeup artist since 2010, which means I’ve had some time to reflect on my favorite parts about the hobby turned profession turned full time career.

  1. Creativity: Makeup is truly an art. Even when I need to create the more “subtle” and “natural” looks, they still require a level of creativity to make sure I am emphasizing each individual’s favorite features appropriately. Then there are the more “out there” looks, like for Halloween. Those are a LOT of fun!
  2. Business: I am fortunate to be able to run my own business helping people look and feel like their best self. To successfully run your own business though, you need to enjoy the business side enough to want to grow it and remain professional, even when it’s not easy.
  3. Diversity: I love the fact that I never really know what kind of client I will have next. Will they be more reserved or excited? Will they want the most subtle look or a completely dramatic look? Diversity definitely spices things up and makes this career more interesting and exciting!
  4. Eyelashes: Whether I am completing a makeup look with fake lashes or lifting and tinting your own lashes, I LOVE LASHES! So much so that I even have them tattooed on me! I love using individual cluster lashes to be able to fully customize the look on each client. I love how many different styles lashes come in. I love how much they complete a makeup look or open up your eyes, make you look more awake, and make you look camera ready.
  5. New Makeup Releases: A great aspect about being a makeup artist is never getting too comfortable with the makeup you always use. The cosmetics market is so saturated, you would be crazy not to try some new goodies every now and then! You never know what could be the next best thing for your kit and your clients.
  6. Wedding Day Bliss: I specialize in bridal makeup services and nothing makes me more elated than seeing a stunning, happy bride from the inside out! I adore seeing the whole look come together in front of both their eyes and mine. Their confidence to walk down the aisle to this new chapter in their life makes me so giddy!
  7. Makeup Lessons: Another fun service I offer is makeup lessons. I have taught young girls just starting out, makeup enthusiasts wanting to become professionals, and more mature women wanting to refresh their look. I enjoy being able to fully customize the experience for each client’s needs while providing constructive criticism and a hands on approach to make sure they’re getting the most out of their lesson.
  8. Education: Makeup Artistry is definitely a world where you have to take voluntary continued education to continue to be successful with it. I say voluntary, because unlike other professions like teaching and nursing where you are required to take a certain number of hours per year to stay licensed, with makeup it’s usually not required. This means I’m all about the education, certificates, and more to prove that I take this super seriously and want to provide only the best services to my clients.
  9. Networking: Not only is networking with other industry professionals like photographers, DJs, venues, etc. important to help your business flourish, it’s also super fun! Once you find your niche in this industry, you’ll start attracting the right kind of industry professionals that will help you flourish both professionally and personally. It’s a lot of fun to make friends with people who understand your dreams and sacrifices!
  10. Photography: Although I would never call myself a photographer by any means, I love the aspect of photography that comes with being a makeup artist in the 21st century. Social media has become bigger than ever and it’s super important to put out content that is authentic, unedited, and high quality – in terms of the makeup and photography. I invested in a good camera a couple years ago and it has paid off tremendously – not to mention it’s also fun to use!

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